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Paying rent is not a matter of choice

People may find themselves in arrears for many reasons. Whilst we do everything we can to help tenants stay in their homes, we will not tolerate those who refuse to pay. Tenants who struggle to pay their rent always receive specialist support from our Welfare Rights and Debt Advice workers to get back on track.

Promoting a payment culture

Our team of experts utilise their years of knowledge to promote a payment culture that sustains tenancies, resulting in long-term lets.

Zero tolerance

Through effective monitoring of accounts, we’ll pursue rent arrears at the earliest possible stage and take a zero tolerance approach.

Easy payment methods

With multiple payments options at your fingertips, including standing orders, payments by debit card, online payments, payment over the phone, and more, we deliver a seamless experience.

How can rent collection get any more efficient?

Need someone to take the headache out of paying your tenants accurately and on time? Our rent collection service provides an essential resource for support and information to tenants during difficult times.

Benefits of Using Bournes

Our rent collection service gives you, the landlord, peace of mind in knowing your rent accounts will be monitored and tenants will receive full support and representation on all debt related matters should they fall behind on their rental commitments.

Direct payment of benefits

Our highly experienced and qualified team is fully equipped to build a case for payments of Housing Benefit or Housing Costs Elements direct to your bank account. We also aim to create direct payment for such passported benefits as: Universal Credit, Job Seeker’s Allowance, Income Support and Employment Support Allowance.

Making rent collection more efficient

Bournes Lettings Services will ensure your tenants can manage their rent account by providing specialist support for complex benefit claims. We work with third party agencies to ensure rent is paid directly to your bank account where tenants fail to pay.

Discretionary Housing Benefit

Where tenants are genuinely struggling to pay, and in receipt of Universal Credit or Housing Benefit, our Welfare Advice team will work with your tenants to demonstrate to the local authority that the tenant is likely to suffer hardship without additional financial support to help sustain the tenancy. This additional income covers the shortfall between the Local Housing Allowance and the tenant’s contractual rental obligations.

Enforcing debts through the County Courts

Where tenants leave their property owing a debt, our consultants engage with processes such as County Court Judgments, Attachment of Earnings, Charging Orders, Orders for Sale, Orders for Information, and Bailiffs. We also provide representation in the County Court.

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