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Wouldn’t it be brilliant if you had one single point of access for all your property needs? Someone you could turn to for finding the right tenant, as well as someone who could create a bespoke legally binding tenancy agreement and even manage the tenancy from the first payment of rent, to the day the property is returned back to you, ready for your next tenant. We do all this and more, because we believe our landlords deserve more.

Qualified housing professionals

Our highly qualified and experienced team can offer a range of expert and practical advice to Landlords to help support tenancies and reduce the risk of rent arrears and damage to property.

A 'one-stop' shop for all your property requirements

We offer everything you may need, from vetting potential tenants, supporting you in legal action, maintaining your properties, and making sure that during and at the end of tenancies your property is in good condition and ready for your next rental.

Professional expertise and guidance are only a phone call away

Our highly qualified and experienced team can offer a range of expert and practical advice to Landlords to help support tenancies and reduce the risk of rent arrears and damage to property.

Our suite of property management services

From finding the perfect tenant to crafting watertight contracts, from rent collection to repairs, we’ve got your back, and your investment, covered.

Tenant Finder

At the heart of Bournes Letting Agency is our unmatched tenant finder programme. We don’t just find you the right tenant, we find you the right tenant for the long term.

Rent Collection

Paying rent is not a matter of choice. Whilst we have a track record of managing tenancies successfully, we will not tolerate tenants who refuse to pay. And we don’t leave you to carry the can if things go wrong.

Tenant Welfare Programme

Our unique Tenancy Welfare Programme provides legal support and offers advice and assistance to tenants, whilst keep a careful eye on their rights and benefits. This process reduces the demands made on you and your property, and supports tenants in a long-term, manageable tenancy from which all sides benefit.

Tenancy Inspections

A major cause of tension between landlords and tenants is the tenancy inspection process. With expert advice and support from Bournes Letting Agency you can avoid disputes, prevent conflicts and still have the necessary oversight of your rental property to deliver peace of mind.

Repairs and Maintenance

Few issues cause more tenant frustration that trying to obtain repairs or coping with routine maintenance. At Bournes Letting Agency we understand this process from both sides, which is why we have our own in-house repair and maintenance arm to help our landlords meet tenants’ needs in a timely fashion and to maintain the fabric of their investments without stress.

End of Tenancy Management

No matter how good the tenant matching, nor how professionally managed the tenancy has been, all good things come to an end eventually. At Bournes we focus on a swift, professional and well-managed end of tenancy so that landlords get great reviews and tenants are able to move onto their next home rapidly and without wrangles over deposits or other issues.


Sadly, evictions become necessary from time to time. Our focus is to do everything possible to ensure that this outcome is an unlikely one, and that begins the day we start work with you. On the rare occasions when an eviction is unavoidable, we draw on our professional competence to issue and manage the correct notice and to ensure deadlines are met to keep the whole process as swift and painless as possible.

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